Building inspection Sydney

Building inspection Sydney

building inspection Sydney

There are so many building inspection Sydney businesses, how do you decide on one?

You get on Google, look at the websites and they pretty much all offer the same things….for roughly the same prices.

There is a term in business called USP. It stands for Unique Selling Proposition. Every successful business has one.

It’s what answers the question above, with so many building inspection websites how do you choose?

When all businesses look the same a USP is something that stands out, that separates a business form the humdrum of all the others that don’t do anything special.

Something UNIQUE!┬áMost small businesses don’t know what an USP is and they don’t have one.

Inner West property Inspections has a strong USP and here it is.

We offer a building pest and electrical inspection for only $445. And we’ll deliver the report to your inbox within 24 hours as a pdf file.

A house rewire could cost up to $10k so offering an electrical inspection for free from a licenced electrician is a great offer.

Having the report delivered in 24 hours is pretty good as well because i know from experience most people looking for a building inspection are people in a hurry.

They want it fast! Because they want to beat someone to the punch or an auction is coming up or the agent has told them the seller wants someone to make an offer real soon.

Whatever your reason we’re here to help you.

So its a no brainer, contact us now to get your report in 24 hours. And get your free electrical inspection and report.

building inspection Sydney

Go here or call Wayne on 0418 408 766 to book an inspection before you buy, certainly not after.

More info here on structural damage with Building inspection Sydney.


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