Sydney home inspection

Sydney home inspection

Sydney Home inspection

So you’re buying a house in Sydney home inspection – and we know they’re not cheap! How il you know if you’re buying a lemon?

You wont unless you get a Sydney home inspection. Some people are under the crazy impression that they’d rather wing it than pay $450 for an inspection and report. Talk about crazy for a circa $1m property. You could buy the property and find you need to spend $20k on hidden termite damage, sub floor moisture issues or any number of defects hidden from the eye of the casual observer.

An experienced building inspector with years of practice and specialised tools and technology will find these defects (major or minor) so you can make a decision to walk away or

negotiate a lower price based on the report. I’m sure it wont be difficult to negotiate at least the cost of the report on the basis of what you find in the report.

Sydney home inspection

Building reports have other purposes for the buyer, they allow you to learn minor issues with the property so you can carry out repairs. This is a bonus when you’re looking to re sell. As a seller you wont need to pay for another building report to find issues with your house.

A number of inspection businesses these days are allowing buyers to purchase a building report for say $49 and then only the successful buyer pays the balance to $445 or whatever the initial cost of the inspection and report was. That’s is a way to get around the problem of buyers going from one property to another, paying full price for a Sydney Home inspection and report and then missing out on the property and then having to do it all over again at the next property. Not much fun!


Go here or call Wayne on 0418 408 766 to book an inspection before you buy, certainly not after.

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