Modern property inspection requires the latest in technology.

It can be used to detect problems in a property that cant be seen with the naked eye. For such a large investment it is inconceivable that you would conduct a property inspection without the use of modern technology that is available today. Here is a few examples of technology we use.


Thermal Imaging:


The two pictures above show the exact same area of a room. The picture on the right ( taken with a normal camera) shows a standard cornice and ceiling of an older inner west house. All looks good.

The picture on the left (taken with a thermal imaging camera) shows excess moisture along the cornice (the black section in the middle of the pic).

This could be a roof leak or external water ingress.

Moisture on its own can do damage but the biggest risk is termites, borers and fungal wood decay are attracted to high moisture areas.

This could have been missed by an inspector without a thermal imaging camera. Don"t get an inspection without one!



Termites detected inside a wall using a bore scope.A borescope camera allows us to see inside walls or any area that is inaccessible to the eye and out of sight. Just the places termites love to be.

Above is a picture of termites found inside a wall using a borescope camera.



Moisture metre:

moisture meter

The moisture meter allows us to measure the level of moisture in any building material.

Moisture can affect a building cosmetically, structurally and attract termites.

A home"s worst enemy is excessive moisture and detecting this early can save you a lot of grief and (of course) money.



Jessica Post
Jessica Post
07:52 18 May 17
Wayne is very thorough and accommodated all my annoying questions like a champion! He was also able to complete the inspection quickly and provided his report in a timely manner. Highly recommend.
Kai Ikeuchi
Kai Ikeuchi
11:24 23 Mar 17
Wayne was very professional and assisted us quickly. We required an inspection with a turnover of 2 days. He was able to provide us with the relevant information so that my fiancé and I could make a better decision when bidding for our future house. Thanks to Wayne and Inner West Property Inspection, we were able to be confident with our decisions.
Genevieve McCabe
Genevieve McCabe
15:14 14 Feb 17
I just had my home inspected by Inner West Property Inspections this week and the peace of mind is worth every cent. I am buying an older inner west home and Wayne was skilled, patient and thorough. I highly recommend this service.
Karen L
Karen L
08:45 13 Feb 17
Wayne was punctual, polite, and neat and tidy. Very professional. He answered our questions and provided a great inspection report that we passed on to our solicitor. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their future home inspected. Karen L, Ashfield
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
07:43 15 Feb 17
Inner West Property Inspections inspected a house I was looking to purchase in Marrickville. Wayne showed up on short notice as the auction was in 2 days. He provided a great, detailed report and called the next day to clarify something. Top level service and knowledge! Gary Williams, Marrickville
Andrew Gee
Andrew Gee
20:42 24 May 17
Wayne provides an excellent service. He explains any issues in terms that the clients can easily understand and offers real world advice on how to go about any repairs or rectification works required. The ultimate professional in his field, and a really nice bloke too!
Nasir Shah
Nasir Shah
11:46 21 May 17
Wayne was fantastic. Not only did he perform a very thorough inspection, but the turn around time was incredibly fast. He is an absolute professional, and offers a first class service!
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