1. We will carry out the inspection for FREE for the vendor / listing agent.

2. We will upload the report to our website for any potential purchaser to download the
report for only $45. The final cost of the report is $495 for which the successful purchaser or the
initiator of the inspection/report will pay the balance.

4. The listing agent and their team will advise all interested and registered parties that
there is an existing report available to be downloaded from our website for only $45.

5. The listing agent and their team will email or hand out in person our $45 certificate to all registered & interested parties on the property .

6. The agent will email our certificate with every sales contract that is distributed.

7. We will provide $45 inspection certificates to display at open inspections or handed to interested
buyers and a PDF version to be emailed.

8. The report will not be shared by the agent / vendor / vendors solicitor/interested or related
Parties, all distribution must be via Inner West property Inspections our website only.

9. If an agent / vendor or Vendors Solicitior or related parties download the report or are
found to be distributing our report without our written consent the agent will be liable for
the Full account regardless if the property is sold or not or if we capture the final buyer or
not, the listing agent will be billed $495.

10. We will notify the listing agent when a report is downloaded from our website.

11. The RE agent will contact myself with the purchaser details when the property is successfully sold.

13. The estate agent will notify our office if the property has been withdrawn from sale, if
the property is withdrawn from sale the commissioning party will be liable for the value of
the report $495.

14. If a 2nd report is required for the same property within 12 months a fee of $295.00 is applicable by the
commissioning party.

15. If an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled inspection a fee of $295.00
is applicable .

16. The $495 final is for one property only. Unit fee is $395.

17. A second inspection or update of a existing report will attract a fee of $295.00.

18. The report when complete is uploaded directly to our website without further approval of
the vendor or agent.

19. Should we be requested to withdraw the report from our website by the commissioning
party or the vendor a flat fee of $495.00 will be charged to commissioning party.

20. The reports are valid for 8 weeks, this plan is active for 8 weeks from the date of the
inspection. If we do not secure the final purchaser the vendor will be liable for the report

21. Should we not secure the final buyer and the report has expired ( 8 weeks from date of
inspection) the commissioning party is liable for the cost of the report, at a reduced rate
of $445.

22. If the property is sold within 8 weeks and the full cost ($495) has not been paid by the successful purchaser, the commissioning party is liable for the cost of the report, at a reduced rate of $445.

Jessica Post
Jessica Post
07:52 18 May 17
Wayne is very thorough and accommodated all my annoying questions like a champion! He was also able to complete the inspection quickly and provided his report in a timely manner. Highly recommend.
Kai Ikeuchi
Kai Ikeuchi
11:24 23 Mar 17
Wayne was very professional and assisted us quickly. We required an inspection with a turnover of 2 days. He was able to provide us with the relevant information so that my fiancé and I could make a better decision when bidding for our future house. Thanks to Wayne and Inner West Property Inspection, we were able to be confident with our decisions.
Genevieve McCabe
Genevieve McCabe
15:14 14 Feb 17
I just had my home inspected by Inner West Property Inspections this week and the peace of mind is worth every cent. I am buying an older inner west home and Wayne was skilled, patient and thorough. I highly recommend this service.
Karen L
Karen L
08:45 13 Feb 17
Wayne was punctual, polite, and neat and tidy. Very professional. He answered our questions and provided a great inspection report that we passed on to our solicitor. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their future home inspected. Karen L, Ashfield
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
07:43 15 Feb 17
Inner West Property Inspections inspected a house I was looking to purchase in Marrickville. Wayne showed up on short notice as the auction was in 2 days. He provided a great, detailed report and called the next day to clarify something. Top level service and knowledge! Gary Williams, Marrickville
Andrew Gee
Andrew Gee
20:42 24 May 17
Wayne provides an excellent service. He explains any issues in terms that the clients can easily understand and offers real world advice on how to go about any repairs or rectification works required. The ultimate professional in his field, and a really nice bloke too!
Nasir Shah
Nasir Shah
11:46 21 May 17
Wayne was fantastic. Not only did he perform a very thorough inspection, but the turn around time was incredibly fast. He is an absolute professional, and offers a first class service!
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